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The perfect invitations for your celebrations

You are Cordially Invited!

Stationery professionals play in important role in the exciting days leading up to a wedding, particularly in light of the many party-related activities that are associated with a couple getting married. Working with a reputable, experienced stationer results in a perfect invitation, reflective of the event. Perhaps even more importantly, that working relationship insures peace of mind as you invite your guests to the many celebrations you are about to embark on!


The Engagement Party

The Engagement Party is the traditional inaugural event to kick off the festivities. While the bride’s family normally hosts this party to introduce the groom and his family to their family and friends, the engagement party can also be hosted by friends. This invitation can reflect the personalities of the couple or the tone of the event itself.


Save-the-Date announcements normally follow the Engagement Party, though some couples choose to send them earlier. They are reflective of the couples’ taste, sometimes incorporating their wedding colors and a paper, font and possible motif that represent the tone—formal or more relaxed—or wedding locale, particularly for destination affairs. Oftentimes couples use images from their engagement session to create their save-the-dates.

Parties Celebrating the NearlyWeds

Next come the parties honoring the couple! They can range from showers to backyard barbecues to luncheons and dinner parties. Hosts for these parties may choose a theme-related invitation for their event, or they may choose one that is more reflective of the couple’s taste, the time of year, or something more related to the party’s venue. In any event, the choice of invitation is selected by the host(s).

The Wedding Invitation

Several months before the wedding, the couple will need to begin researching invitations with a reputable stationery professional where the staff is well-versed in current papers and styles, printing techniques, fonts, budget management and etiquette. Wedding invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. It is recommended that you take one of your invitations to the post office to have it weighed to ensure you apply the appropriate amount of postage on them.



The Bridesmaids’ Luncheon

The Bridesmaids’ Luncheon normally takes place the day before the wedding and can be hosted by friends of the family, the bride’s mother or other family members. This event normally kicks off the wedding weekend, and is a special time for the bride; her bridesmaids; other wedding participants, such as readers and program attendants; and family, including sisters, grandmothers, and aunts.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The evening before the wedding, the groom’s parents traditionally host a Rehearsal Dinner. Often there is also a party, which follows and includes out-of-town guests, who may not have been invited to the dinner. The groom’s family will choose this invitation; it should be mailed within days of the wedding invitation, and should never compete with the wedding invitation.

Thank You Notes

The most important element you will need to send out are your thank you notes! And, no, a text or email isn’t sufficient. Thank your guests and vendors with a hand written thank you note, and while you don’t have to write them on your honeymoon, they should be sent in a timely fashion. By writing them as soon as gifts begin to arrive they won’t pile up.


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