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Venue Coordinators vs. Wedding Planners

Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner: We’re Unveiling the Distinct Roles

When it comes to orchestrating your dream wedding, the differences between onsite wedding venue coordinators and wedding planners are vast. Although their titles may sound similar, the reality is there is an immense distinction in their roles and we’re breaking it down for you.

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Venue coordinators are paid employees of the venue. Their focus is to make sure things are executed based on what the venue contracted to do. Some of their responsibilities may include showcasing the space, curating a list of preferred vendors, choreographing the room’s layout, managing catering and bar services provided by the venue, and handling any issues that arise during the event related to the venue.

They should ensure the venue is clean and orderly and ready for your arrival. They may assist with setup and cleanup before and after the event, but that is not always the case. It’s essential that you consult with the venue coordinator and have a clear understanding of what they will and will not do. And get it in writing. Ultimately, the venue coordinator is there to represent the property but not necessarily the bride and groom.

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Now, enter the wedding planner, your fairy god-consultant. When you book a wedding planner, they’re there to manage the overall event and they work exclusively for you. From full event design to month-of wedding planning to day-of coordination, hiring a planner that fits your needs is a good way to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress from your wedding day.

From the earliest of the design and planning brainstorming to your final exit as newlyweds, they walk beside you. They’ll assist in creating a budget and managing expenses, recommend and coordinate your vendors and timeline, and handle issues that may arise related to the many moving parts of the day.

Their craft extends beyond keeping with your timelines. Need contracts deciphered? Done. Need recommendations on where to save with your budget? They’ve got them. Get a snag in your gown right before it’s time to walking down the aisle? They come prepared with a sewing kit. Groom need help putting on his boutonnière? They’re on it!

Imagine a project manager solely dedicated to your entire wedding. A mediator, a friend, a steadfast shoulder to lean on, all rolled into one. They are there to make sure everyone is following through on their contracted obligations and managing the timeline so that everyone is on the same page.

A wedding planner’s focus is on you, your kin, your posse, connecting all the dots and making sure this special occasion you’ve been dreaming of goes off without a hitch.

Stay savvy by educating yourself on the realm of “Preferred Vendor Lists.” Are they a star-studded company or a ‘pay-to-play’ charade? Some vendors are listed due to their top-notch talents and services, while some pay to be listed. Not all venues do this, but it’s important to check so you are hiring quality vendors with confidence.

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