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Tips for finding the perfect wedding gown

Your Gown

Easily the most important element for any bride on her wedding day is feeling her absolute best in her wedding gown. She wants to shine, feel confident, and relish in the ‘ooohs and ahhhs’ she’ll receive about her wedding gown. Here are some tips to get your dress shopping experience off on the right track.



Start your search 12+ months before the big day

On average, it takes about six months for your gown to come in once it’s been ordered. You’ll then have at least two fittings for alterations to ensure the perfect fit.

Bring people you trust

Having the support of people that know you and know what makes you feel beautiful will help when you pick ‘the one’.

Limit the number of people you bring

Avoid bringing your entire entourage. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with contrasting opinions and having too many cooks in the kitchen can leave you feeling confused, and even frustrating. Too many viewpoints about what YOU love and don’t love can impact your final decision, and not in a positive way.

Be honest about your budget

We cannot stress this enough! If you cannot afford it, don’t even try it on. Who wants to fall in love with a gown that is not even a possibility? Also, you’ll want to factor in any alteration costs that more than likely will be needed.

Be open to ideas

You’ll certainly want to bring pictures of gowns that you love to share at your consultation. However, be open-minded. Your bridal boutique expert knows what shapes and styles work best with various body shapes. You may just fall in love with a gown that you otherwise would have never selected.

Be prepared to try on

There are various items you’ll want to bring with you when you try on gowns, such as heels similar to what you’ll wear on your wedding day, nude underwear, and a strapless bra. Do you have a special necklace or other accessories that are a must-wear on the bid day? Bring it with you!

Be realistic in the size you choose

You’ll want to avoid buying a smaller size in your gown, even if you are bound and determined to drop a few pounds before the wedding day. It’s much easier, and cost effective, to remove fabric than it is to add it back in. Talk with your bridal consultant about your goals and let them guide you in what size to order.

Have fun!

Above all, enjoy your shopping experience. Trust that the dress you select is ‘the one’, and you’ll feel just as you dreamed of when you walk down the aisle to marry your love!




Keep in mind all the elements you may want or need to bring your full look together!

  • The dress
  • Hair accessories (veil, tiara, etc.)
  • Bra
  • Slip
  • Jewelry
  • Garter (x2 if you plan to toss one)
  • Jacket/shaw/wrap
  • Shoes
  • Clutch
  • Gown preservation


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Following this handy list of to-do’s for the year leading up to your wedding day is sure to keep you on task, on track, and on budget!