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The Grand Finale…Your Wedding Exit

The Grand Finale…Your Wedding Exit


Not all couples opt to do a grand exit at their wedding, but many do, recognizing that it’s a fun way to leave your celebration on a high note, while your guests cheer you into married life! It’s a time to kickstart your happily ever after while your guests shower you with love and send you off in style. It’s also a time for your photographer to capture incredible photos!



Yet, when having a grand exit, it does take thought and planning. You’ll want to have someone in charge of this, like your wedding planner or your DJ. Plan a last dance, or another final moment at the party, for everyone to enjoy together. Use that time to say goodbye to and give thanks to the people you want to thank.



You’ll want your DJ/MC, or whomever you delegate this task to, to make an announcement to join the happy couple on the dance floor for the last dance. And, to then grab a sparkler, or whatever it is you may be using for your exit, and to head on over to the area you select for your departure.



It’s always a great idea to have a few people assigned to help usher people to the exit area, leaving you and your spouse alone for a few minutes. Soak it in, enjoy that moment of quiet, and then, once you’ve been cued, get ready for the grand finale!



Whatever props you decide to have your guests use at the exit, from streamers to confetti to sparklers, and more, you’ll want to check with your venue beforehand to ensure there are no stipulations about your selection. The last thing you want at the end of the night is to find out that lighting sparklers is not allowed.



However you decide to end this magical event, be creative, make it personal, and above all, have fun! The party may be over, but the happily ever after has just begun!

Photos by Brian Anthony Photography | Brian Anthony Photography 

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