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Reasons to hire a professional photographer

Perfect Memories Come by Finding YOUR Perfect Photographer

Hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! You’ve more than likely spent the better part of a year planning for this once in a lifetime celebration, so undoubtedly you want incredible photography you will cherish forever. Yet, with so many options to choose from, where does one begin in finding the perfect wedding photographer? Here are some things to look for as you begin your search.



They’ve got experience!

Your wedding photographer should know and understand weddings, including how they flow, what the most important elements are to capture, how to think on their feet and more. Weddings are fast-paced and full of logistical twists and turns. A professional photographer not only knows how to capture these sacred events (from the time they arrive while you’re getting ready until the time you jump in the getaway car at the end of the evening), they also anticipate them and know how to put themselves in the correct locations, at the correct times, for the best angles and lighting.

They know that even the most detailed of plans for photos can be derailed by unexpected circumstances, like too much sun, not enough natural light, or even the dreaded word, rain. Yet, a professional photographer can make any scenario work to their advantage while still capturing the perfect images that tell your perfect love story.

They know how to organize, pose and photograph even the most challenging group of people and do so in a discrete, non-intrusive manner to you and your guests. They should be kind, flexible, easy-going and pleasant, but also be able to respectfully command a group and get things done.

They should be skilled in protecting, sorting and editing the hundreds, if not thousands, of images from your special day, making you and your cherished memories look their best in the final product.

They’ve got the weddings to prove it!

Your wedding photographer should be able to share entire galleries, not just a few images, of a variety of recent weddings they have photographed. Owning a fancy camera is simply not enough; it takes true talent, experience and professionalism to capture the perfect moments, the perfect feelings and the perfect memories from your wedding day.



Y’all have a connection!

Your wedding photographer should develop a personal, and comfortable, connection with you. They will take the time to get to know you before the wedding – and learn about how you envision your wedding images and what’s important to you. Your photographer will be with you ALL DAY, helping you stick to your wedding day timeline and making sure you look your best at all times. The more at ease that you feel with your photographer, the better you will look in your pictures!

They’ve got style!

Your wedding photographer should have a style that you love! Let’s face it. Photographers are artists and most have their own unique style, ranging from traditional to photojournalistic to fine art and more. Hire a photographer whose style matches with yours!

They are detail oriented!

Your wedding photographer should understand the importance of detail and will photograph your wedding from beginning to end, including the parts you will see and the parts you may not see. Not only will you want to have memories of your cake, flowers and décor, you will also want (and love seeing) special moments you may not get to witness first hand, such as your partner getting ready, your mom or dad having a quiet, tearful moment of joy watching you say “I Do”, your bridal party slipping away to decorate your getaway car and more!



They are quality control managers!

Your wedding photographer should have professional camera gear (a selection of lenses, flashes, adequate memory, off-camera lighting options, batteries and more), as well as back-up camera gear. They should carry insurance – both in the form of official liability and equipment coverage – to protect it all. And God forbid your photographer comes down with the flu the day of your wedding. What then? They should have a quality back-up plan for that too!

They offer a variety of packages!

Your wedding photographer should know and understand that all weddings are unique. The desires, needs and expectations vary from couple to couple and most photographers offer a variety of package options from which to choose. And many will customize their package options specific to you. It is strongly urged to investigate your options and not simply “price shop” when searching for your perfect wedding photographer.

They deliver!

Your wedding photographer should either print your images in-house or have relationships with professional photo labs to order your images and albums from. They should have the creativity and skills to design beautiful layouts to include in your wedding album, as well as access to quality album styles for you to select from. The resulting products you are left with to share with your children and grandchildren will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!



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