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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

10 Essential Questions to ensure you hire an Extraordinary Wedding Videographer


By Amy Knight, K2Productions Weddings


“Over our 18+ years of meeting brides and grooms, one of the BIGGEST regrets we hear from past couples is that they didn’t hire a videographer for their wedding! Sure, they love and cherish their wedding images, but they wish they could hear their dad making that special toast, see in action the super fun dance shared between the groom and his mom, and simply relive the ‘live’ parts of their special day.” – Andrea Stephens, Owner of Marry Me NC


Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, joy, and unforgettable moments. To ensure you capture every precious detail, finding the right videographer is crucial. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary! Here are ten questions to ask your potential videographer before you book, guaranteeing a wedding film that reflects your unique love story.


1. What’s your wedding video journey?

You want a videographer who has mastered the art of capturing magical moments. Ask about their experience in creating wedding videos, ensuring they’re familiar with the ebb and flow of these special occasions.

2. Do our styles align?

Every couple has a distinctive vibe, and your wedding film should reflect that. Inquire about the videographer’s style and watch samples of their work. Make sure their creative vision resonates with your own, guaranteeing a film that feels like a true reflection of you.


3. How does your gear enhance our memories?

Technology has revolutionized videography, allowing for compact yet powerful equipment that captures crystal-clear footage in HD or breathtaking 4K. Learn about the gear they use and how it seamlessly blends into the background, ensuring remarkable visuals and pristine audio.


4. How can we personalize our film?

Your love story is unique, and your videographer should know all the details that make it special. Inquire about their process of gathering information, from planning forms to personal meetings. The more they know about you as a couple, the more personalized and authentic your wedding film will be.

5. How many lenses will capture our day?

To ensure comprehensive coverage, most professional videographers bring along a team of skilled individuals armed with multiple cameras. Confirm the number of videographers and cameras that will be present, guaranteeing that every precious moment is captured from various angles.

6. Have you collaborated with our photographer before?

Photographers and videographers are two sides of the same coin, working together to immortalize your wedding day. Inquire if your videographer has experience collaborating with your chosen photographer, as seamless teamwork between the two ensures that all the magical moments are captured without a hitch.


7. What chapters of our wedding story will you document?

Your wedding day is a collection of beautiful chapters, each with its own enchanting moments. Discuss which segments of your wedding day will be captured, including the often-overlooked pre-ceremony moments that offer stunning candid shots.

8. Does our package include a highlight reel?

Celebrate your love story with a captivating highlight reel that showcases the essence of your wedding day. Inquire if your videographer’s package includes a trailer or highlight reel—a perfect way to share cherished memories on social media and with loved ones.


9. How will our music harmonize with our film?

Music sets the mood and enhances the emotions captured in your wedding film. Communicate your preferred musical style, allowing your videographer to curate a soundtrack that resonates with your personal journey. Additionally, discuss music licensing if you plan to share your video online.

10. How will we receive our final masterpiece?

Your wedding film deserves the highest quality presentation. Discuss delivery options, whether it’s through a Blu-Ray or digital version. Digital formats make it easy to share your treasured memories with family and friends, ensuring they can relive the magic alongside you.

Remember, finding the right wedding videographer is about more than just capturing moments; it’s about preserving the essence of your love story for a lifetime. Ask these ten questions, infuse your wedding film with excitement and personality, and let your extraordinary journey unfold on screen.

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