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Including kids at your wedding? Read this!

Kidding Around

Many couples wouldn’t dream of having their wedding without all of their family and friends there, including the little ones. Here are a few tips to help ensure a kid-friendly event so that everyone enjoys the celebration.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re having some of your favorite cherubs take part in your ceremony, explain to them, and show them, exactly what it is you want them to do. Their idea of throwing petals down the aisle may be very different than yours! Practice the walk, with the music in the venue, if at all possible.

Get the Party Started…Early

If you’re planning to have children at your wedding, you’ll want to consider the time of day for your event. Kids love dancing just as much as grown ups do, but if the party just starts to kick in gear around their bedtime, you may have tired, and some not-so-happy, campers on your hands.

Kids’ Table

Create a designated area off to the side of the room for a super fun kids’ table. Use kid-friendly décor and provide some activities to keep the little ones entertained. Provide crayons and coloring books, mini arts and crafts, and goody bags of quiet toys like puzzles. If your space and budget allow for it, consider a separate room just for kids featuring a movie and games, with childcare provided, so moms and dads can enjoy their adult time.

Happy Meals

When it comes to food, planning for kid-friendly options will surely please your smaller guests, in turn making them happier, more cooperative guests. Talk with your caterer about a small buffet or individual meals more fitting for their taste buds. Foods like spaghetti, mini cheeseburger, and chicken fingers are also more budget friendly!

Photo Booth Fun

Adults aren’t the only ones who have fun playing in a photo booth. Your kids will also love playing dress up with all the props and seeing their silly faces in the images.

Keep a Sense of Humor

Children are full of surprises, so don’t stress about them being on their best behavior. If little Mackenzie decides she wants to stick her finger in the cake before it’s been cut, laugh it off and hope your photographer is there to capture it on camera. These will be joyous memories you look back on and laugh about!


Photo by Yasmin Leonard Photography



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