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Wedding florals are all about personality

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From classic all-white formal designs to unique creations featuring brightly colored flowers, wedding florals today are all about the personality and character of the bride, and the styles to choose from are plentiful. The perfect place to start your floral scheme is with your bouquet. This statement piece will be front and center in many of your wedding images and will lead you down the right path as you plan for the rest of your floral needs. With an experienced and knowledgeable floral designer by your side, selecting beautiful flowers – and styles that fit within your budget – is quite fun! Here are some tips to consider as you plan for your wedding flowers:



  • Know your budget! This will play an important role in determining the types of flowers you can use in your bouquets, centerpieces, décor and more.
  • You’ll want to book your floral designer early in your planning process – at least six to eight months preceding the wedding.
  • What flowers will be in season when your wedding takes place? If you have your heart set on flowers that are not in season, they may be difficult for your florist to find and can mean a higher price tag you’ll pay in the end.
  • Start collecting magazine photos of florals that you love, and even ones you don’t love. This will give you and your florist a sense of the style, colors and textures that are pleasing to you.
  • Do you have a color scheme in mind for your wedding? Although your florals don’t have to be an exact match, you’ll want to select blooms that complement your overall design.
  • Has the florist done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception sites? If so, he or she may have photographs of arrangements done at your site and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes, and colors work best in the space.
  • Fall and winter are remarkable seasons for selecting floral arrangements due to the abundance of unique design elements available including berries, fruits, feathers, magnolia leaves, cinnamon sticks and more. Talk with your floral designer about your options and together, you’re sure to create beautiful designs.
  • Consider your gown silhouette as you select the type of bouquet you want. The bouquet should act as an accessory that complements, but doesn’t overpower, the dress.
  • Ask to see photographs or live examples of the florist’s work. If you view photographed samples, verify that they are the actual creations of the florist, rather than just samples the florist says he or she can do.
  • Be flexible! Your floral designer is full of helpful tips and design inspiration, and can provide you with ideas that perhaps you never would have considered.




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