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FACES of MMNC – Meet Odalys Karla Photos

Welcome to FACES of Marry Me NC! Behind every successful business is a FACE. And, let’s face it (pun intended), people want to do business with people, someone they can trust and personally connect with. We are thrilled to introduce YOU to these wedding professionals through this special Q&A blog series!


Meet Odalys and Chris, owners of Odalys Karla Photos

FUN FACT: Odalys and Chris are our featured cover couple in the current Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Marry Me North Carolina! We are thrilled to now showcase them as part of our community of talented wedding pros!


Tell us about your wedding business.

We are a wedding and lifestyle photographer duo based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With my husband, Chris, by my side as my dedicated second photographer, we bring fun and professionalism to every shoot! My focus on weddings and engagements blossomed from my very own love story with Chris, who developed a passion for photography during our engagement shoot. We really loved the wedding process and decided to fully dive into our business after that! We definitely understand the emotions and stress that come from weddings so we make it a priority to help our beautiful couples in any way we can during the whole process!


How did you get started in the wedding industry, and what inspired you to specialize in your particular area of expertise?

It all started when my close friends started to get engaged and married. I had always loved photography (ask my mom about how I would ALWAYS steal her digital cameras when I was six!) and offered to take engagement photos for them but had never branched out of friends and family. As time went by, I ended up getting engaged and married to the love of my life and fell in love with the wedding industry! Shortly after our engagement we started shooting engagements and weddings together and had branched out. We just LOVE love and absolutely adore having the honor of capturing the memories and love at our clients’ biggest day!


What is the most unique or memorable wedding you have ever been a part of and what made it so special?

The most memorable wedding I’ve ever been to was one of my closest friend’s wedding. Since there was no bridal party, aside from family, I was the only friend spending almost all day with her. Getting the necessary shots, delivering Crumbl Cookies, helping sow a rip in the dress and even curling her hair. It was such a bonding experience to spend the day with her and help her out during her big day and her wedding is actually the one that made me want to take such a personal approach with all of my clients. I want to help in any way I can and be there for you while also, most importantly, doing the job you hired me for!


Can you share a funny or heartwarming anecdote from one of your past weddings?

The last wedding we were at had the most beautiful surprise. The groom’s younger sister had surprised us all by dedicating a song to them by performing live with her violin. It was so lovely seeing how she had prepared that song with so much love and care and it was definitely a tear-jerker!


What is one of the most NOT-so-funny things you have experienced at a wedding and how did you handle it?

A NOT-so-funny thing I’ve experienced was when my bride’s family member got locked out of their hotel rooms! The hotel everyone was getting ready at had accidentally booked them a day early. So, when everyone was in and out of their rooms getting ready, one-by-one they started to get locked out, right during family formals! The bride’s family members worked at the hotel but to make sure I got what the couple wanted, I re-adjusted the family formal timeline, made sure to keep calm and got the shots I needed once everyone was ready. This was a huge learning lesson for me because something can go wrong and it’s important to keep going and make sure the couple gets everything they need!


What is your favorite part of working with couples on their wedding day, and why?

As photographers, we’re the main ones spending time with the couple on their wedding day, and something we really enjoy is being able to help the couple in any way we can by advocating for them. We also love being part of such a momentous day; weddings are such a fun and happy occasion, and we always end up feeling like family at the end of the day. And yes, you will catch us crying during the first dances!


What are some current wedding trends or themes that you find most interesting or exciting?

We absolutely love the idea of small and intimate weddings. We think something that is super cute is a brunch wedding. Mimosas, waffles, and your closest friends and family!


What advice would you give to couples who are just starting the wedding planning process?

The biggest advice I could give is really take the time during your engagement to enjoy the planning with your partner. So many things can stress a couple out – like securing vendors, opinions, and so much more. Regardless of the stress that can happen, make sure you focus on your partner and enjoy being engaged; it goes by so quickly and it’s truly such a special time with your best friend.


What are some common mistakes or pitfalls that couples should avoid when planning their wedding?

Of course we’re going to say this, but not securing your photographer early enough. The more time we have with you the more we can work together to make sure we see your vision for your photos and create the plan to execute it. Aside from that, book vendors that compliment your style and preferences; this allows your day to go by smoother!


What is the most challenging aspect of your job, and how do you overcome it?

The most challenging thing for us is the timeline. It’s never really concrete; time keeps going no matter what and with so many moving pieces of a wedding day, eight times out of 10, the timeline will change. Something we’ve done to overcome this is extra prep! We either help our couple create a timeline or work with the one the planner provides, and we account for extra time that we might need. We also look for times during the day where we can make up any shots we may have missed earlier. And I NEVER stress the bride out by telling her we’re WAY behind schedule if that’s the case.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you’re not working on weddings?

We love exploring new restaurants and coffee shops. We also enjoy watching way too much Shark Tank or Kitchen Nightmares and we LOVE a good game night, especially when Monopoly is involved.


Photos courtesy of M.A.S. Memories

To learn more about Odalys Karla Photos, visit their personal profile here.

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