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FACES of MMNC – Meet Natasha & John

Welcome to FACES of Marry Me NC! Behind every successful business is a FACE. And, let’s face it (pun intended), people want to do business with people, someone they can trust and personally connect with. We are thrilled to introduce YOU to these wedding professionals through this special Q&A blog series!

Meet Natasha and John, owners of Chandelier Event Venue

Tell us about your wedding business in 5 sentences or less.

A Wedding Experience that Shines Bright! Chandelier Event Venue gives you a warm welcome! Located in Cary, North Carolina – we are sure to make your wedding day or special event a memory that will last a lifetime! We invite our couples to immerse themselves in beautiful surroundings, from our luxurious French Empire Room all the way to the Secret Garden Courtyard.

How did you get started in the wedding industry, and what inspired you to specialize in your particular area of expertise?

We began our career in the weddings & events industry seven years ago. My love for food, educational background in Communications/Marketing, and background in working in restaurants helped pave the way for me to be in this industry. My husband has worked in the food & hospitality industry for 15 years. He was a Sous Chef for eight years and then became the Executive Chef at another restaurant. He is now the Executive Chef, Owner, & proud co-partner of our beautiful Chandelier Event Venue.

What is the most unique or memorable wedding you have ever been a part of and what made it so special?

To be honest, all weddings are so special to us. We are very grateful to be a part of our clients’ special day!

Can you share a funny or heartwarming anecdote from one of your past weddings?

We received an amazing review where she said, “We are a gift from God.” That was truly amazing, and it even brought a tear to our eyes.

What are some current wedding trends or themes that you find most interesting or exciting?

Plated service is a beautiful, elevated service that I see many couples upgrading to. It truly is amazing to have an elegant, restaurant-style experience while being served delicious food! Chef John’s favorite menus are the Soul Food/One Love menu. He absolutely loves bold and powerful flavors. It is pretty amazing to see him grow and perfect his skills every year. Most don’t compare to what he does. He is the ultimate Food Guru.

What advice would you give to couples who are just starting the wedding planning process?

Do your research! Everything matters so much, and food and ambiance are everything!!

What is the most challenging aspect of your job, and how do you overcome it?

Learning that you cannot please everyone. Even in the workplace, working with different people you slowly learn who is 100% on your team. Being an Owner is even more difficult because you must navigate all tiers of the business. You need to wear so many hats and always be on your toes. You cannot ever get lazy; there isn’t time for that.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time when you’re not working on weddings?

Going to different restaurants with my husband and business partner, Chef John. We love taking walks with our dogs. We have two fur angels. Their names are Basil & Cannoli. Basil is a Pembroke Walsh Corgi and Cannoli is a Lab/Pit mix. We also love just being together on the couch watching our favorite shows. We love Judge Judy, Judge Faith, all gameshows with Supermarket Sweet being a favorite. My favorite show is Desperate Housewives and John’s is Law & Order. Life is so short – we must enjoy the most simplistic moments in life.

To learn more about Chandelier Event Venue, visit their personal profile here.

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Photos courtesy of In His Image Photography

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