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BUDGET TIP: Don’t forget to tip your vendors!

Tips for Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Photo by Mustard Seed Photography

You’ve set your budget and diligently worked out where each penny is going to be spent for your wedding, yet tipping vendors is oftentimes a part of the budget that eludes brides and grooms. Rewarding certain vendors with a tip is expected and serves as a thank you for their job well done. Although some vendors will include gratuity in their fee, others will leave the amount/gift up to you.

Assuming the level of service you received from your vendors was all that you expected, here’s our guide of who to tip and how much. Most tips should be handed out on the day of the wedding, so it’s a good idea to assign one of your beloved friends or family members to handle the task for you. And remember, for those vendors who don’t expect a tip, a handwritten thank you note or a thoughtful gift is always appreciated!

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Following this handy list of to-do’s for the year leading up to your wedding day is sure to keep you on task, on track, and on budget!