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Shower Power: Super fun bridal shower themes

Shower Power

Legend has it that bridal showers were thrown for couples who didn’t have enough money to marry. Their family and friends would gather and “shower” the couple with gifts to help them start their new life together. The tradition lives on today, but has become more of a celebration for the bride and groom before their big day. The latest trend in bridal showers is to throw a theme party. Not only are they entertaining, they can also be practical, catering to the needs of the bride and/or couple. Here are some bridal shower theme ideas to get you started…

ABC’s of Marriage

Assign each guest a letter of the alphabet. They purchase a gift that starts with that letter. For example, A is for Albums; purchase a beautiful photo album to hold the many wedding photos the couple will accumulate. Be sure to include “Your letter is ____.” at the bottom of your invitation similar to the RSVP placement.

Our First Year

Assign each guest a month of the year and have them bring a gift relevant to that month. This allows the couple to receive seasonal gifts that they can enjoy throughout the year.

If you were assigned July, shower the couple with a picnic basket filled with accessories like plates, napkins, wine glasses and a bottle of wine. For April, consider a collection of gardening tools to help kick off their springtime planting.

Pamper the Bride

One for the girls, the women gather and shower the bride with gifts to help her relax and unwind before the big day. Give gifts such as bath products, gift certificates to a spa, candles, comfy slippers and pajamas and more. You could even have the shower at a spa or salon.



Holiday Shower

Assign each guest a holiday and give gifts that will become cherished heirlooms: a platter for the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ornaments or Hanukkah decorations, champagne glasses for New Year’s Eve, a picnic basket for the Fourth of July.

Sports Shower

For the fitness-oriented couple, guests can bring climbing gear, ski equipment, tennis racquets, golf clubs, or whatever suits the couple’s interests.

Christmas Ornament Shower

Ask guests to bring a Christmas ornament for the bride and groom to hang on their first Christmas tree.


Garden Shower

Guests can bring gardening books, tools, seeds, flowerpots, plants, a watering can and more. Send out decorated seed packets as invitations, or give them as party favors.

Stock The Bar Shower

Invite the guys because they’ll want to be included in this one! Have guests bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor, and a gift to help stock the couple’s bar. Gift ideas include wine or beer glasses, a blender, bottle opener, and wine stoppers and pourers.


Bed & Breakfast Shower

Host this shower in the morning and serve a breakfast buffet. Shower the couple with gifts for the bedroom and kitchen including linens, throw blanket, dish towels, and cooking utensils.

Room by Room Shower

Help the bride and groom with every room in the house! Assign several guests a specific room of the house; 5 for the bathroom, 5 for the kitchen, 5 for the bedroom, 5 for the backyard and so on. Each guest brings a gift for their specific room.

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