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5 Times to Take Off Your Wedding Rings

By Schiffman’s Jewelers

Diamonds are hard. One of the hardest things around. Jewelry is being made from metals that are seemingly indestructible. Newer techniques and technology mean rings are put together better than ever. But even though rings are made to last, you can ensure they will make it for generations if you remember to take them off.

A good rule of thumb is to take off your ring anytime you’re doing something physical or working with harsh chemicals. Here are five situations where you absolutely must remove your rings:


Working Out                                      

The biggest risk to your rings while working out is having them hit something and changing the shape. Metals such as gold and platinum are soft and if equipment or weights hit your ring, it can cause a dent or even deform it. Even a subtle change in shape could be enough to move the prongs that hold your diamonds in place. In addition to the cosmetic change, you risk losing the diamond altogether. Be sure to leave your rings at home when you’re working out, playing basketball, soccer, or other physical activities.



We could have listed swimming under working out, but swimming also comes with unique risks. Most importantly, the water makes your fingers shrink. Wearing your ring while swimming is a sure-fire way to have it end up at the bottom of the pool, lake, or ocean. Chlorine and saltwater will also damage and discolor your ring. Rings and swimming are a bad combination.


In the Kitchen

Cooking and working with food invites germs, food residue, and bacteria to get caught in the setting of your ring. In addition to being gross and unpleasant to think about, any particles stuck in your ring can damage and discolor it. It is also important to remove your ring while doing the dishes. You risk the ring slipping off and going down the drain. Plus, cleaning chemicals are bad for your ring.



No matter what kind of cleaning you’re doing, take the rings off and put them safely in your jewelry box. Harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia will discolor and damage the metals. While cleaning, you’re also likely to hit your ring on a hard surface which could bend or break prongs.



Just like going swimming, expect your fingers to shrink while bathing just enough for your ring to slip off. Plus add in soap and conditioner, and it’s an invitation for your ring to slide off your finger and into the drain. Oils found in soaps can dull the finish on your ring, and if you’re using exfoliating products you will likely scratch the surface, too.


Wedding bands and engagement rings are almost always on your finger, so it’s easy to forget they are there. But reminding yourself to take a moment and remove them before you do any activity that could cause damage will make sure they last a long time. If you ever need cleaning, inspection, or repair, feel free to speak with any of our associates at Schiffman’s.


Photos by Brian Anthony Photography

Written by Schiffman’s Jewelers

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